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Forged in the Fires of Funk

THE B SECTIONS MUSIC BOX 01.21.22 _ Full Wave Creative-1129413.jpg
THE B SECTIONS MUSIC BOX 01.21.22 _ Full Wave Creative-1129353.jpg

The B Sections are a 5-person collective of funk jam enthusiasts assembled from the weekly open jam at Winston's Beach Club in Ocean Beach. With a focus on high-caliber musicianship, overall group tightness, and spreading the funky gospel, The B Sections seek refuge in the pocket. This tends to be the place where our musical instincts and our sonic goals become perfectly aligned.

Described by one ardent fan as "incredibly taut", the music we bring our lovely fans in San Diego is a unique blend of funk and dance/party music, with a tasteful yet never pretentious seasoning of jazz influences.

A live performance by The B Sections in guaranteed to yield several funky side-effects (So please consult your primary care physician before attending a performance. If you contract a case of bass-face exceeding 4 hours, contact a healthcare professional and seek immediate medical attention). 

Our original compositions emphasize tight groove, musical feel, and laying a foundation for musical exploration through improvisation and dance. Whether a fan is there to cut lose and move their body, fall into a meditative funk-fugue state, or just appreciate some music school-nerdy technical complexities over some thumpin' backbeats, we've got them covered. However (to ensure we capitalize on the ever profitable "nostalgia factor") we also utilize our stage time to pay ample tribute to the funk giants that paved the way for us.

Containing a litany of classic tunes from the catalogs of Stevie Wonder, Michael JacksonPrince, Earth Wind and Fire, Kool & the GangThe Meters, KC and the Sunshine Band, Daft PunkSteely Dan, Hall & Oates, and Bill Withers, The B Sections' shows come with a guarantee to get people movin' and groovin' / wheelin' and dealin' / shakin' and bakin' / dancin' and prancin' / or whatever rhyme pair may best align with the dance-floor-goals of the evening

THE B SECTIONS MUSIC BOX 01.21.22 _ Full Wave Creative-1129399.jpg
THE B SECTIONS MUSIC BOX 01.21.22 _ Full Wave Creative-1129336.jpg
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